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Helping people find freedom in their everyday life.

Building & Training leaders to  becoming High Capacity Leaders.

Evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor-to-Pastor Counseling and Coaching so that you never walk alone.


About Dr. Jeff and Lorie Carrell

Dr. Jeff and Lorie Carrell have been married for 38 years and have passionately served together in ministry for 30 years.  They have been blessed with a daughter, Ashlyn Kippert (Chad) and a son Justin Carrell (Jennifer).  They are truly enjoying the season of being Paps and Nans to four miracle grandchildren, Adyson, Sadie, Judah, and Esther.  

Throughout the 30 years of ministry, they have been the Pastor of Adult Ministries, Senior Pastors, Church Planters, Visionaries, Non-Profit Starters, and friends/confidents to other Pastors and Leaders.  Beginning their journey of ministry in Paducah, Kentucky they served as interim pastors while Dr. Jeff was continuing his education resulting in a Doctorate in Theology.  They went on to serve at Dr. Jeff's home church as Adult Pastors for 9 years.  As Adult Pastors they led over 1,500 people through Sunday School, Small Groups, Care Groups, and Ministries.  




- Individual

- Marriage

 - Family 

- Mental Health

- Pastoral

 - Ministry

- Addictions


- Life Coaching

- Personal Development

- Finding Purpose - Developing Passion


- Leadership Consulting

- Business Consulting

- Church Consulting

- Church Staff Consulting

- Pastoral Consulting



- Church Services

- Revival Services



- Counseling

- Coaching

- Staffing

 - Team Building

Leadership & Ministry Masterclasses

Stay Tuned....COMING SPRING 2022!

From Lorie's Heart


Hello!  Let me introduce myself.  I am Lorie, Jeff's wife and best friend.  If you know me at all, you know I am not one who loves to have the spotlight nor do I like the microphone, but I am excited to share blogs with you!  From being a wife for 38 years, a mom for 37 years to 2 children (Ashlyn and Justin), being Nans to 4 grands (Ady, Sadie, Judah, and Esther), which are my whole world, I believe that God has now called me to help those walking through various seasons in which I have walked.   My hope is that you are encouraged and blessed as you read a glimpse from my heart to yours.  

- Lorie Carrell


From Pastor Ryan Harris,

The Assembly, Danville, IL

"So often we miss taking advantage of the GIFTS (EPH 4:11-13) that God has given to help perfect our predestinate purpose.  And sometimes God truly gives 5 talents (gifts) to one (MATTHEW 25:15).  I thank God for the GIFT of Dr. Jeff Carrell.  But I praise God for the GIFT of Evangelist of Dr. Jeff Carrell.......that God sent to help change and perfect so many lives at In Faith Ministries, and we will be forever grateful.

Pastor Michael Lyons, Senior Pastor, In Faith Ministries, Lima, OH

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